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ResearchFeaturesRecircSystems management

January 20, 2021
Big breakthrough for small tanks

ResearchNews & ViewsFish HealthRecirc

January 20, 2021
NaturalShrimp to study fish health in RAS

ResearchNews & ViewsRecirc

January 13, 2021
Nofima probes LED light impact in RAS

ResearchNews & ViewsFish Nutrition

January 11, 2021
Brown seaweed prebiotics for Asian sea bass fingerlings

ResearchNews & ViewsNutrition & Feed products

December 26, 2020
Aker BioMarine releases new research on astaxanthin krill oil

ResearchNews & ViewsBreedingTechnology

December 21, 2020
Breakthrough in salmon genetic variation

ResearchFeaturesSystems management

December 18, 2020
RAS disinfection strategies


December 17, 2020
New study on European flat oyster larval production

ResearchNews & ViewsTechnology

December 15, 2020
New study reinforces efficacy of nanobubble technology

ResearchFeaturesFish NutritionSustainability

December 4, 2020
Researchers validate novel feed ingredients, but scale is another matter

ResearchFeaturesBreedingFish Health

November 25, 2020
Monosex fish might help to address invasive species, researchers say

ResearchFeaturesFish Nutrition

November 17, 2020
Brazil study tout whole banana meal benefits in tambaqui diet


November 5, 2020
Canadian Maritime oysters show resilience to ocean acidification: study

ResearchFeaturesTop 10 Under 40BreedingBusiness Management

November 4, 2020
Top 10 Under 40: Nathan Cleasby

ResearchFeaturesFish handlingRestocking

October 27, 2020
BC study using salmon DNA to count annual runs

ResearchNews & ViewsBusiness Management

October 16, 2020
CAT opens new location in Canada’s east coast

ResearchFeaturesTop 10 Under 40Fish handlingRecirc

October 9, 2020
Top 10 Under 40: Curtis Crouse

ResearchFeaturesSustainabilitySystems management

September 25, 2020
Mexico-based startup turns wastewater into fish feed

ResearchFeaturesFish handling

August 28, 2020
Otoliths offer insight into fish history

ResearchFeaturesBreedingDisease ManagementFish Health

August 7, 2020
Salt water acclimatization improves post-smolt skin disease resistance: study

ResearchFeaturesBreedingDisease ManagementGenetics Week

July 3, 2020
Breeders tout cryopreservation to ensure high quality genetics

ResearchNews & ViewsDisease Management

June 22, 2020
Study tests autogenous vaccine to protect Nile tilapia

ResearchFeaturesBreedingNutrition & Feed products

June 19, 2020
New mudworm species viable feed for crab, shrimp broodstock, Philippines researcher says


June 5, 2020
Exploring anaerobic digestion for waste management in RAS

ResearchNews & ViewsFish HealthRecirc

May 29, 2020
RAS research ramps up in Norway

ResearchNews & ViewsBreeding

May 22, 2020
Study probes improving fillet yield in rainbow trout

ResearchFeaturesFish Nutrition

May 15, 2020
Boiled chicken egg yolk gives catfish fry a good start

ResearchNews & ViewsFish HealthFish Nutrition

May 8, 2020
Less rotifer time maximizes growth in hybrid striped bass larva: study