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ResearchNews & ViewsBreeding

March 25, 2024
Sandfish and snubnose pompano co-culture in Vietnam works

ResearchFeaturesFish NutritionHatchery Operations

March 14, 2024
Evaluating the feasibility of feeding RAS-produced fish during the depuration process

ResearchNews & ViewsShrimp

March 6, 2024
Oregano essential oil in shrimp diet could improve survivability

ResearchNews & Views

February 29, 2024
Oxolinic acid effective against Aeromonas hydrophila infection in Nile tilapia

ResearchNews & ViewsGenetics

February 23, 2024
Genetic study examines DNA differences of hatchery and wild salmon within a few generations

ResearchFeaturesDisease Management

February 15, 2024
Ugandan agency develops herbal fish medicine

ResearchNews & ViewsFish Health

February 13, 2024
South Korean research explores reproductive cycle of farmed Pacific blue tuna

ResearchNews & Views

February 8, 2024
U.K. scientists to develop oral vaccine against sea lice in farmed Atlantic salmon

ResearchNews & Views

February 8, 2024
BioMar opens new R&D wing at its Denmark tech centre

ResearchFeaturesFish Nutrition

February 8, 2024
Feed for Thought: From refuse to reuse

ResearchNews & Views

January 31, 2024
Smallholder aquaculture a “gamechanger” for Zambian farmers: WorldFish study

ResearchNews & ViewsFish Nutrition

January 10, 2024
Nofima investigates genetically modified canola oil as source for fish feed


December 26, 2023
Climate change is further reducing fish stocks with worrisome implications for global food supplies

ResearchNews & ViewsFish Health

December 21, 2023
Nofima investigates genetic factors influencing salmon’s resistance to sea lice

ResearchNews & ViewsDisease Management

December 18, 2023
Cause of massive summer mortality in New Zealand’s Greenshell mussels identified

ResearchNews & ViewsBreedingGenetics Week

December 14, 2023
Nofima research uses selective breeding for enhanced growth in microalgae

ResearchFeaturesFish Nutrition

December 7, 2023
Focus on diet to improve performance indicators in African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) fingerlings and juveniles

ResearchNews & Views

December 6, 2023
Study results bode well for copepod production in Vietnam

ResearchNews & ViewsGenetics

December 5, 2023
Benchmark Genetics creates research team

ResearchNews & Views

November 10, 2023
University of Stirling research: aquaculture needs more governance for sustainability

ResearchNews & ViewsBreedingFish HealthGenetics Week

November 1, 2023
Nofima’s breeding program shows reduced spawning in farmed cod

ResearchNews & Views

October 16, 2023
Giant stingray found in Cambodia confirmed as world’s largest freshwater fish

ResearchNews & ViewsGeneticsNews

October 12, 2023
European research group releases genomic selection project results


October 4, 2023
Recirc in Action: Research to evaluate peracetic acid for use in U.S. recirculating aquaculture


October 2, 2023 | Brought to you by The Center for Aquaculture Technologies
SNP’s Vs. Microsatellites: Out with the old and in with the nucleotides

ResearchFeaturesBreedingGenetics Week

September 6, 2023
Rwanda’s fishless country

ResearchNews & ViewsshellfishSustainability

August 17, 2023
Biodegradable seed mussel collector developed in the Netherlands

ResearchNews & ViewsNutrition & Feed products

August 10, 2023
Feed for juvenile leopard coral grouper gets a lift from China lysine study