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SustainabilityNews & ViewsGenetics Week

February 15, 2024
FAO and Zimbabwe collaborate to boost fish breeding

SustainabilityFeaturesHatchery OperationsIndustry Update

January 3, 2024
The hatchery industry’s vision for 2024


December 26, 2023
Climate change is further reducing fish stocks with worrisome implications for global food supplies

SustainabilityNews & Views

November 15, 2023
Mediterranean countries unite for aquatic conservation and sustainability

SustainabilityNews & ViewsResearchshellfish

August 17, 2023
Biodegradable seed mussel collector developed in the Netherlands


April 28, 2023
Hatchery 101: Changing with the climate

SustainabilityFeaturesHatchery Operations

March 9, 2023
Champion of aquaculture in Africa

SustainabilityFeaturesCleantech CanadaIn-Depthshellfish

February 13, 2023
Sustainability recognition for first oyster farm in the Middle East

SustainabilityNews & ViewsResearch

January 13, 2023
Pond polyculture key to food security in rural Zambia: University of Stirling study

SustainabilityHatchery Operations

December 13, 2022
Hatchery 101: 2023 series on sustainability


November 17, 2022
Australia’s hatcheries keep an eye on climate change

SustainabilityNews & Views

October 17, 2022
Hawai‘i Pacific University receives NOAA grant to restore limu

SustainabilityNews & ViewsHatchery OperationsNewsRestocking

August 29, 2022
Hoopers Island Oysters launches new restoration division

SustainabilityNews & Views

July 5, 2022
The UN Food and Agriculture Organization reports growth driven by aquaculture

SustainabilityFeaturesBusiness ManagementRegulations

June 27, 2022
Lost in the Black Sea

SustainabilityNews & ViewsShrimp

April 29, 2022
BioMar announces responsible shrimp initiative at Global Seafood Expo

SustainabilityNews & ViewsBusiness ManagementHatchery OperationsRecircTechnology

March 4, 2022
Grieg Seafood BC Ltd. reaches major milestone in hatchery expansion project

SustainabilityNews & ViewsRecircTechnology

February 25, 2022
AquaMaof and Atacama Yellowtail partner for 900-tonne yellowtail kingfish RAS facility

SustainabilityNews & ViewsFish HealthFish Nutrition

February 25, 2022
BioMar considers microalgae a non-niche ingredient 

SustainabilityNews & ViewsEducation

February 18, 2022
Aquaculture Courses offers 15 fully funded scholarships for M.Sc. in sustainable aquaculture

SustainabilityNews & Viewsshellfish

January 21, 2022
Indonesian government’s goal to boost aquaculture sector with “aquaculture villages”

SustainabilityNews & ViewsResearch

January 14, 2022
New research facility studies fish stress caused by climate change

SustainabilityNews & ViewsFish HealthHatchery Operations

January 5, 2022
Nuclear plants in Russia and Ukraine keep breeding fish 

SustainabilityNews & ViewsBusiness ManagementShrimp

December 23, 2021
Start-up company plans shrimp farm for the UK

SustainabilityFeaturesNutrition & Feed products

November 26, 2021
Waste not: Agricultural by-products in aquafeed

SustainabilityNews & ViewsFish NutritionNutrition & Feed products

November 18, 2021
Skretting and Atlantic Sapphire partner on local feed supply venture

SustainabilityNews & ViewsBusiness Management

November 18, 2021
Russia experiences a rise in demand for broodstock

SustainabilityNews & ViewsRecirc

November 12, 2021
Taste of BC Aquafarms takes one step closer to new RAS farm