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May 8, 2023
Ace Aquatec unveils first in-water portable prawn stunner

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March 27, 2023
Freshwater Institute’s mortality monitoring device finalist for international tech challenge

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February 3, 2023
Revolutionizing Africa’s aquatech

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January 16, 2023
Kenyan startup secures grant from GSMA climate resilience fund

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January 11, 2023
ReelData AI announces $8M Series A funding round


November 17, 2022
Australia’s hatcheries keep an eye on climate change

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November 10, 2022
Understanding depuration

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October 31, 2022
Aquasend beacons help to revive centuries-old Hawaiian fishpond

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October 24, 2022
Aquaticode closes US$6 million in first its external round of financing

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October 12, 2022
Kenyan tech startup wins Nutreco’s 2022 Feed & Food Tech Challenge

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September 28, 2022
Bio-UV reveals new ozone generators at Aquaculture Europe 2022

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September 25, 2022
Innovasea unveils tagless fish detection technology


September 23, 2022
Movable marine ranch

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September 9, 2022
Precision Aquaculture is a step towards smart RAS farming

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September 7, 2022
Ace Aquatec partners with Pisces Fish Machinery Inc.

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September 1, 2022
Hatch Blue announces accelerator program for women-led startups

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May 27, 2022
Danish institute and Benchmark Genetics to develop AI tech to count sea lice

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May 18, 2022
Nueva Pescanova installs “digital ecosystem” for shrimp production


May 6, 2022
Professional grade clockwork feeders

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March 4, 2022
Grieg Seafood BC Ltd. reaches major milestone in hatchery expansion project

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February 25, 2022
AquaMaof and Atacama Yellowtail partner for 900-tonne yellowtail kingfish RAS facility

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February 18, 2022
Russia to establish first oyster spat hatcheries on the Black Sea

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February 4, 2022
AquaBounty’s pre-construction milestones for 10,000 MT salmon farm have been achieved

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January 21, 2022
ECOshrimp and Zemach Feed Mill partner for RAS shrimp feeds

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January 21, 2022
Blue Aqua aims for sustainable food production in Singapore with new trout farm

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January 14, 2022
Water treatment tech cuts down nitrites in RAS

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December 23, 2021
Russia eyes launching accelerated hatcheries near Baikal

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December 9, 2021
Mowi Chile uses Garware fabric against sea lice