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Introducing BarAlgae : Your Premium Microalgae Feed Solution for Hatcheries

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November 22, 2023 in Features
By BarAlgae

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BarAlgae provides a wide range of specialized microalgae solutions for shrimp, fish and oyster hatcheries worldwide.

BarAlgae products are optimized for high performance, delivering superior nutritional content essential for the crucial larval rearing stages. They ensure stable growth and health for shrimp larvae, from N5 through the Mysis and Zoea stages and up to PL15.

For marine fish, these pure-strain products provide a consistent supply of premium feed and enrichment. They naturally boost rotifer growth, nourish via the greenwater technique and secure optimal conditions for fish larvae to gain weight, develop their immune system, and thrive. The product range also includes unique feeds for bivalve larvae and spat at the hatchery as well as functional feed for the for depuration process before marketing.

BarAlgae has developed a novel, cutting-edge microalgae cultivation technology and processing system, driven by AI and extensive biological knowhow.

Uniting experts from different fields, from marine biologists to process engineers, BarAlage is able to supply diverse range of microalgae species and in both paste and powder form, including Isochrysis, Tetraselmis, Nannochloropsis, and Thalasiossira and Phaeodactylum.

BarAlgae’s products stand out for their high quality and consistency, yet remain affordably priced. Extensive commercial scale trials have demonstrated many benefits to hatcheries in the field, including increased growth and survival rates in various marine species. These cost effective and user-friendly shelf products are suitable for replacing or complementing local algae cultivation. Guaranteed marine pathogen free – with superior nutritional and bioactive composition, see how BarAlgae can improve your outcomes while lowering your costs!

Photo: BarAlgae

Visit baralgae.com to learn more about the the products, available now at discounted prices of up to 50%!

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