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Grieg Seafood teams up with AquaGen

Seafood company Grieg Seafood has joined forces with breeding company AquaGen to produce broodstock and eggs using AquaGen’s strain.

November 2, 2018  By Hatchery International Staff

Salmon eggs entering the hatchery.

The agreement also includes egg deliveries from AquaGen to the Grieg Seafood’s production facilities in Rogaland, Finnmark and Shetland in Norway.  

Grieg Seafood chief executive officer Andreas Kvame stated in a release that the genetic material is a fundamental input factor in any food production, and an important success factor in achieving good salmon production. He said AquaGen selects salmon with good growth properties and high disease resistance, adding that it was the first to implement advanced methodology in the selection.

Kvame said Grieg Seafood’s focus on increased survival and improved growth will take the company towards a production of 100,000 tonnes by 2020.

The two companies said their interests are aligned in key areas of further development in the salmon industry such as profitable growth, environmental sustainability and digitization of the industry.

“We are looking forward to working closely with a future-looking producer like Grieg Seafood,” said Nina Santi, chief executive officer of AquaGen.

Both companies said they believe in broodstock production in sea water cages as a means to achieving strong selection pressures for growth and survival under the most relevant environmental conditions.

The companies said they also share a common interest in making greater use of production data to better understand salmon biology and use this knowledge to further develop the production processes.

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