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Twenty years ago, Capamara Communications published its very first issue of Recirc Today. Recognizing the potential of recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) to disrupt the industry, Recirc Today was launched as a resource for readers in the aquaculture industry interested in this emerging technology.

Most RAS applications back then were finding successes in the hatchery sector, offering a more sustainable alternative for rearing fish in the early stage of its lifecycle. It soon became apparent that the magazine’s mandate needed to evolve to respond to market needs, and so the publication transitioned into a broader – but still very niche – publication, Hatchery International.

The importance of hatcheries not only for conservation and enhancement initiatives but also as a foundation for building a stable aquaculture industry was evident.

“Hatchery International was a natural evolution of the company’s aquaculture magazine (then called Northern Aquaculture),” explains Peter Chettleburgh, founder and former publisher of Hatchery International, when asked to comment about the publication’s 20th anniversary. “It was readily apparent that the specialized technology and processes involved in the hatchery sector could best be served by its own publication.


“It was also apparent that the technology was international in nature and the sector could benefit from a global publication that provided information to a cross section of the industry in all parts of the world.”

Creating a publication that serves the hatchery sector was a no-brainer; and making it available to an international audience was necessary. Thanks to an excellent editorial and sales team, Hatchery International has grown into one of the more well-known publications in the industry.

As the industry continues to evolve, so does this publication. Now owned by Annex Business Media, Canada’s largest privately-owned, business-to-business publishing company, Hatchery International’s commitment to being the primary resource for hatchery professionals means our finger is always on the pulse of the industry. We have contributors from all over the world, keeping us informed of new developments in their jurisdictions that will be of interest to our readers.

Our newest magazine supplement is a result of that. Having seen the advancements in RAS technology and the increasing interest in its application beyond hatcheries moved us to launch RAStech – a publication dedicated to RAS developments and deployments across the globe. The team at Hatchery International is also instrumental to the launch of the RAStech Conference and Tradeshow, an event focused primarily on RAS.

Hatchery International is more than just a print publication. Our mandate is to serve as the information source for hatchery professionals around the world, and we continue to find meaningful ways to engage our audience. Our team is constantly brainstorming ways to bring relevant content to you, through a variety of platforms: print, digital, social media, events, just to name a few.

Like this publication, the hatchery sector has come a long way but it still has far to go to reach its full potential of contributing to the aquaculture industry’s ultimate goal of sustainable seafood production. Count on Hatchery International to be there every step of the way as the evolution continues.

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