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Shining the spotlight on hatcheries’ rising stars

October 4, 2019  By Mari-Len De Guzman

One of the more rewarding aspects of my job is getting to know and telling the stories of some of the most inspiring people in the industry – and there are so many of them.

Hatchery International’s new program, Top 10 Under 40, gave me the opportunity to tell you the story of not just one but 10 exceptional individuals who, at such an early stage in their careers, are already making a big difference in their respective organizations and in the industry, in general.

Top 10 Under 40 is our way of shining a spotlight on the future of the industry. We often do not hear about the hatchery workers who work tirelessly to make sure the industry can grow enough fish – or shellfish – to supply a constantly growing seafood market. Hatcheries are the foundation of not only the aquaculture industry but global efforts toward conservation. The young men and women responsible for keeping these hatcheries productive and sustainable must be applauded. And the number of nominations we received for the Top 10 Under 40 program is an indication that our readers agree.

Having gone through the submissions, it became evident that the hatchery sector is filled with talented, dedicated and skilled individuals who are clearly in this profession to make a difference. If there is a common denominator among these young professionals – it’s their commitment to the health and welfare of the species under their care. The nature of the job at a hatchery can be daunting, working long hours often in remote locations – not to mention the responsibility for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives at any given time.


In the 20 years that Hatchery International has been publishing, its editorial team has come across outstanding individuals who are experts in the industry, featured and interviewed many of them, leaned on their expertise, cited their research studies and even got them to comment on pressing issues important to this industry. These experts are also responsible for training and passing on their knowledge to the future leaders of the aquaculture industry.

As much as we are celebrating the rising stars of the hatchery sector, this is also a testament to the amazing leadership that we have in the industry today. These young superstars have all benefitted from the mentorship and training they received from their more senior and wiser counterparts.

I wish we are naming the Top 20 Under 40 – or even the Top 40 Under 40 – because all the individuals that were nominated were truly exceptional. One thing is for certain, the top 10 selected are really the best of the best.

Congratulations to the winners – and to all the young hatchery professionals across this industry for making us feel confident that the future of aquaculture is in good hands.


Have you got a story tip or a hatchery operation with a great story to tell? Send me an email at mdeguzman@annexbusinessmedia.com.

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