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Solar-powered RAS planned in Taiwan

April 21, 2021
By Liza Mayer

Nocera’s RAS construction in Taixi Township in Taiwan Photo: Nocera

Aquaculture engineering firm Nocera Inc. is involved in a green energy project in Taiwan that will integrate an indoor recirculating aquaculture (RAS) facility with solar power generating technologies.

Nocera Taiwan has signed an agreement with Linshan Trading Co., Ltd. to cooperate and develop with the Yunlin County Government and J&V Energy Technology Co., Ltd. 60 hectares of land to build a Green Energy Industrial Park in Taixi Township.

Linshan was established in 1999 as a seafood trading company. The company has since expanded into international trade, biotech research, and the general construction business. J&V Energy is a Taiwan-based solar power plant developer.

“The dual use of the land by placing solar panels for power generation above the free-standing fish tanks will allow for greatly increased economic benefits from developing the land,” said Jeff Cheng, president of Nocera, Inc. “This lowers the land utilization by allowing fish production for consumption and the excess power generated can be sold to the electric grid operator.”


The combination of solar polar and fish farm developments onto a single piece of property increases the economic utilization of the property, generates clean solar power, and helps feed the population of Taiwan, according to a press release from Nocera.

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