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North America’s RAS guru joins land-based aquaponics farm in Wisconsin

Wisconsin-based Superior Fresh will be welcoming Steven Summerfelt to its team, as the former director at The Conservation Fund Freshwater Institute takes on the new role as Superior Fresh's chief science officer.

June 4, 2018  By Hatchery International staff

Steven Summerfelt

Superior Fresh is an aquaponics company operating on a 720-acre property producing Atlantic salmon, Steelhead trout and leafy green vegetables using recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) technology. As its new chief science officer, Summerfelt will help Superior Fresh expand its production of both fish and vegetables.

“I look forward to continuing to innovate and optimize RAS and aquaponic production while working for industry,” Summerfelt said in a letter to Hatchery International. “This will also allow me to continue providing the very best technology to Superior Fresh and hopefully leave a legacy of success.”

Summerfelt and his team at The Conservation Fund’s Freshwater Institute were instrumental in developing Superior Fresh’s 40,000-sq-ft. RAS facility. The food producer’s chief operating officer Brandon Gottsacker studied under Summerfelt during his internship at the institute, according to Superior Fresh’s Facebook post.

Superior Fresh is touted as the first large-scale farm in the U.S. to commercially produce Atlantic salmon, Steelhead trout and vegetables using land-based RAS technology.


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