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Moleaer launches IoT for nanobubble tech

March 11, 2021  By Hatchery International staff

Moleaer has launched new monitoring technology to complement its line of nanobubble generators.

The company will offer new real-time water quality and equipment remote monitoring services with all of its nanobubble systems, starting first with its second-generation Clear nanobubble generator. 

The Clear provides an alternative to traditional chemical and aeration methods for treating water against pathogens, bacteria, biofilms and harmful algae blooms. The new services package is the latest in Internet of Things (IoT) technology to offer end-users 24/7 monitoring online and via mobile devices, with automatic text and email alerts and the ability to stop the unit remotely. 

“With our technology, we’re enabling communities, farmers, and recreational facilities to restore the aquatic health and ecosystems, providing a chemical-free solution that eliminates harmful pathogens and contaminates,” said Nicholas Dyner, Moleaer CEO.


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