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Industrial Plankton’s rotifer system to protect hatchery’s biosecurity

June 19, 2020  By Hatchery International staff

Protect your farm’s biosecurity with Industrial Plankton’s high-density continuous production rotifer system for hatcheries.

Rotifers are a common source of vibrio and other pathogens. Vibrio is often present in rotifer inoculation cultures or incoming water, which can easily impact the entire value chain. Industrial Plankton’s design promises to provide a stable environment with additional time-saving benefits.

Water from the 1,000-liter culture tank is recirculated through an attached biofilter. Good water quality is maintained by removing organic waste using a mechanical filter, a foam fractionator and a biofilter to detoxify ammonia.

The rotifer system has user-friendly controls for parameters like temparature, pH level and dissolved oxygen. The touchscreen automates routine functions like feeding and harvesting, while logging the data in real time.


The high-density continuous rotifer system reduces labor and floorspace. This turnkey system runs continously and is easy to install. It also promises to reduce early infections, higher survival rates and growth rates in the hatchery.


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