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Algae culture curriculum goes online

January 3, 2020
By Hatchery International staff


The Algae Technology Educational Consortium (ATEC) in Lewiston, Maine, has released a new online curriculum all about algae cultivation.

The two-part Algae Cultivation Extension Short-course (ACES) is a thorough introduction into the culturing of commercial macroalgae and microalgae. ATEC offers an “online consortium” of videos, interviews, webinars and slideshows produced by national and international programs. Sante Fe Community College features an “Introduction to Algae Cultivation” course.

Those interested can sign up for the free online course online to hone new skills for the fast-growing aquaculture industry.

ATEC is part of The Algae Foundation’s mission to promote algae as a fundamental source of energy, nutrition, products and ecological services for a sustainable society.



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  1. Roberto Marchesini says:

    Nice article. But where is the link?

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