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From the Editor: The work continues on

July 15, 2022  By Jean Ko Din

Ukraine resumes recreational campaign despite all odds. Photos: Foundation for Restoration of Sevan Trout Stocks and Development for Aquaculture)

War affects us all. We are slowly, but steadily reaching the six-month mark (in August) of Russia’s invasion into the Ukraine. And whether we like it or not, the industry around the world watches anxiously as supply chains begin to crumble before our eyes. 

For this issue’s cover story, we looked to feed producers to understand how the war is affecting its supply of raw materials. With Russia and Ukraine being leading suppliers for wheat, corn, and barley, these companies are finding it hard to provide its already strained inventory to its awaiting customers. If sanctions and supply disruptions continue, it’s hard to predict the domino effect it will have on global fish production overall. 

I didn’t think that we would be talking about fish production and populations to be a casualty of war. But war truly escapes no one.

Ukrainian and Russian hatcheries are most affected, of course. And despite the challenges, the work to restore its ecology continues on.


We will continue to watch these regions closely, but in the interest of protecting our team on the ground, these stories will be published without a byline. The Russian police continue to arrest reporters in an attempt to suppress bad press about the Russian military and the war against Ukraine.

In my short time as editor of Hatchery International, I’ve learned how passionate and intelligent our team of writers are. Whether they are in Russia, Ukraine, Australia, United Kingdom or Southeast Asia, I rely heavily on their expertise. 

I look forward to discovering new stories all the time. Hatchery work can be very specific to its geographical and environmental conditions, yet the science and the best practices can be universal. It’s a challenge to balance sharing unique applications, while also ensuring that it resonates with different audiences. 

But maybe this is where you, the readers, come in. We have once again launched our annual Top 10 Under 40 contest, in search of new, amazing talent. Help us by nominating young professionals in your network who you think will lead the industry in innovation and development. Nominations are open until Aug. 1!

Also, my inbox is always open at jkodin@annexbusinessmedia.com.  

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