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Benchmark expands genetic services globally

February 22, 2024  By Hatchery International staff

Ross Houston, director of innovation and genetics at Benchmark Genetics. (Photo: Benchmark Genetics)

Benchmark Genetics is now offering genotyping tools and services to improve access to advanced genomic tools across the global industry.

“Building on the combined experience of Benchmark Genetics and the Akvaforsk Genetics Center, this expansion is based on years of design and technical support for selection programs across more than 20 aquaculture species worldwide,” a press release from Benchmark reads.

The company now offers a complete suite of genetic improvement services ranging from advanced multi-trait programs to cost-effective, targeted programs that fit into existing commercial farming operations. 

“Combining our high quality, cost-effective genotyping with our leading expertise in breeding program design and implementation is a winning combination for clients,” said Ross Houston, director of innovation and genetics at Benchmark Genetics.


Benchmark now does high-density arrays and genotyping services for wide range of farmed aquaculture species, along with medium-density solutions. It also introduced low-density, low-cost genotyping solutions for parentage assignment and the analysis of genetic diversity in broodstocks.

“Integrating the latest technology with cost-effectiveness is central to our mission of delivering value to our partners in the aquaculture sector. We are committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions that drive improvements critical for the industry’s growth,” said Dr. Morten Rye, director of external services at Benchmark Genetics.

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