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Aller Aqua launches new RAS-optimized feed technology

Aller Aqua has developed and introduced a new feed technology called PowerRAS.

February 19, 2019  By Hatchery International Staff

The new feed technology has been developed to meet the requirements for RAS feed in terms of efficiency, optimal water quality and fish growth.

“The PowerRAS concept has been developed based on many years of research,” says Aller Aqua product manager Dr. Robert Tillner. “We have kept up with the increasing sophistication of RAS, whilst focusing on the benefits for the RAS farmers.”

As RAS farming becomes more common in the global industry adding more fish produced in RAS to total aquaculture production, Aller Aqua says feed is an essential factor in optimizing water parameters and fish biomass in RAS technology.

The company says its new feed takes a number of aspects into consideration including: nutrient digestibility and palatability, feces quality, fish metabolism and DP:DE ratio, technical quality of the feed, and feed functionality.
The findings are now commercialized and represent the latest addition of RAS-optimized feed technology by Aller Aqua.


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