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ADM premium feeds for broodstock fish and shrimp

November 1, 2022  By Hatchery International staff

ADM’s global BernAqua hatchery and nursery feed brand has released its Royal Spawn and Omega Spawn broodstock fish and shrimp feed ranges. 

These feeds are currently available in Europe, Brazil, Ecuador, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh and Nigeria.

The ingredients in Royal Spawn and Omega Spawn work to:

  • Increase attractability, palatability and digestibility for enhanced growth, stress tolerance and boosted survival rates.
  • Provide special nutrients for maturation performance to enhance the biosynthetic process, mobilize fatty acids to the organs, improve egg viability and support hepatic functions.
  • Support immune function.

Royal Spawn is a supplementary maturation feed for shrimp and fish breeders that includes new marine ingredients with the addition of algae to support immune function. The broodstock feed also promotes an improved fatty acid profile with microalgae-derived products, paying special attention to astaxanthin, phospholipid and vitamin levels in the feed. 


Omega Spawn offers a semi-moist maturation feed for fish and shrimp broodstock that contains all the necessary ingredients and is processed with cold extrusion technology to prevent denaturation of essential nutrients. Omega Spawn can improve fecundity and egg quality in fish and shrimp, and reduce biosecurity risks by replacing fresh seafood supplementation.

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