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String Bio and Skretting Australia to seek novel fish feed ingredients

October 17, 2022  By Hatchery International staff

Skretting Australia will validate a novel ingredient through feeding trials held in R&D facilities located across Australia and New Zealand. 

Since 2020, String Bio has been working with Skretting’s global team to speed up the process of developing a commercially accessible novel ingredient. 

Skretting recognized the String Bio product as an exciting novel raw material which aligns with their own sustainability target of including five to 10 per cent novel ingredients in feed formulations, according to its 2025 Sustainability Roadmap.

Skretting is exploring inclusions of ingredients which do not compete with human consumption or that can reduce our carbon footprint. String Bio’s proprietary fermentation process allows for the conversion of methane, a harmful greenhouse gas, into protein-based solutions. 


According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s AR6 report, methane traps around 27 times the amount of heat in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide (CO2) and is responsible for a third of the global warming. Reducing methane emissions is one of the fastest opportunities we have to slow the rate of global warming.

“We are excited to see the results as novel ingredients are a high priority at Nutreco and very much aligned with our sustainability ambitions,” said Rhys Hauler, marketing manager at Skretting Australia.

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