Hatchery International

Virtual Event
World Trout Culture Summit
October 18, 2023 at 11:00am EST

Panel: Growth performance

Moderator: Ben Normand, aquaculture consultant and teaching faculty at Fleming College


  • Dr. Hayri Deniz, secretary general of Mugla Fish Farmers Association
  • Dr. Mykolas Kamaitis, veterinarian & owner of Belwood Lake Veterinary Services
  • Phil Mackey, CEO of Mt. Lassen Trout Farm and past president of U.S. Trout Farmers Association
  • Oliver Robinson, head of British Trout Association

Advancements in trout nutrition, culture systems and management all contribute to stronger growth performance in fish. This expert panel will address the current challenges the industry faces and share advice on how to find right the strategy for optimized production.

Ben Normand
Aquaculture Consultant and Teaching Faculty Member at Fleming College
Host of Hatchery International’s Hatchery 101 webinar series

Ben Normand is a fish farmer, writer, college instructor, and cheerleader for aquaculture. He has worked with a variety of fin and shellfish species in both New Zealand and Canada in production management, compliance, and communications. In his spare time, you can find him spending time with his family, sailing, biking, and tinkering in his workshop.

Dr. Hayri Deniz
Secretary General of Mugla Fish Farmers Association
Seafood Consultant of ABALIOGLU Aquaculture & Food Products Company

On-Demand: Examining Trout Culture in Turkey


Dr. Mykolas Kamaitis
Veterinarian & Owner of Belwood Lake Veterinary Services
Ask the Vet columnist for Aquaculture North America

Dr. Mykolas Kamaitis is a private practice aquaculture veterinarian and owner of Belwood Lake Veterinary Services. He works with fish farmers in Ontario and Saskatchewan, Canada, taking a preventative and production-focused approach to fish health management. He is the the Ontario Animal Health Network Aquatics co-lead, and is on the editorial advisory board of Aquaculture North America.

Phil Mackey
CEO of Mt. Lassen Trout and Steelhead Farm
Past president of U.S. Trout Farmers Association

I have been full-time in the aquaculture industry, primarily trout farming for 52 years. I am co-owner and C.E.O. of Mt. Lassen Trout and Steelhead, a privately held corporation that has been in business in California for 74 years and I have probably made more mistakes in trout farming than most anyone. Having said that, I have learned a few things along the way as well that I am happy to share.

Oliver Robinson
Head of British Trout Association