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What is Panaferd-AX ?

Panaferd-AX is the most efficient and reliable natural source of carotenoids, derived from the marine micro-organism Paracoccus carotinifaciens. It especially contains high level of astaxanthin, similar to the chemical form found in wild salmon and also other valuable red carotenoids.

Panaferd-AX is produced through a unique fermentation process, which allows to gently develop the microorganism, which is then concentrated and dried into powder product. No additive nor preservatives are used. Panaferd-AX is included into the fish feed and considered as stable during the extrusion process.

How efficient is Panaferd-AX?

Panaferd-AX astaxanthin and other carotenoids accumulate in fish flesh and allow it to reach high color scoring. Panaferd-AX color is stable during cold storage, freezing and smoking processes.

What are the marketing benefits of using Panaferd-AX ?

Clearly labeling food as free of synthetic additives matters to more customers around the world. Synthetic pigment will always expose the industry to negative criticism. As color is the symbol of salmon, it deserves to be really sourced from nature.

Panaferd-AX is fully authorized in many countries and markets, including EU organic aquaculture standards and certified as ECOCERT Input. Natural color is requested by the premium food retailers like Whole Foods, Marks and Spencer and many more… The Scottish salmon industry, well known for its premium quality and color, is proudly claiming the use of natural pigment. Many premium farms in Norway, Iceland, USA and Canada have well understood the added value they get by using Panaferd-AX. For example, Riverence is the largest steel head trout farmer in the USA. Riverence farm steel head trout raised in Idaho’s Magic Valley using spring-fed water and special feed containing Panaferd-AX. For trout farms, true natural color is a strong claim to connect to nature.


What are the health benefits for trout?

Carotenoids can be considered as essential nutriments for salmon and trout. Various studies have confirmed their implications in many physiological functions and health benefits such as survival, growth, reproduction, stress and disease resistance. Especially in RAS farms, environmental conditions might be challenging due to high densities and optimal growth conditions year-round. The various carotenoids found in Panaferd-AX, such as astaxanthin, adonirubin, and adonixanthin, act as strong antioxidants and help fish to cope in stressful conditions.


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