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Merck Animal Health launches single-injection vaccine in UK and Ireland

June 19, 2015  By Colin Ley

Merck Animal Health (known as MSD Animal Health outside the USA and Canada) recently introduced AquaVac PD3, a single-injection vaccine that protects against the three main pathogens affecting salmon in the UK and Ireland. The vaccine protects against pancreas disease – one of the most costly diseases affecting the salmon industry – as well as furunculosis and infectious pancreatic necrosis (IPN).

Prior to AquaVac PD3, two separate injections were administered to protect fish against pancreas disease and other major salmon diseases.

“AquaVac PD3 was developed in response to requests from fish farmers for a combination vaccine that protects against major diseases with a single injection,” said Chris Beattie, Head, Global Aquaculture, Merck Animal Health.

According to Merck, laboratory tests and field trials have demonstrated that AquaVac PD3 provides at least 16 months protection against furunculosis and 15 months against pancreas disease. In addition, says Merck, trials have demonstrated a reduction in shedding of salmon pancreas disease virus. Protection against mortality due to IPNV infection has been demonstrated at four months in the field.


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