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From the Editor: The genetics edition

February 29, 2024  By Jean Ko Din

(Photo: Jean Ko Din, Hatchery International)

In this issue, we dive into the genetics and broodstock world. In fact, it’s probably more like a universe.

Genetics is where the work begins for hatchery professionals. And although, I am not trained in this area of expertise, I can appreciate how incredibly difficult and complex breeding programs can be. That’s why I leave it up to the professionals. 

From what I’ve learned developing stories like these over the years, breeding programs are very unique to each operation and millions of dollars are invested in these programs every day, in the perpetual effort to produce stronger and more resilient fish and seafood. 

Whether it is to save an endangered species, like the Australian river blackfish, or to further economize rainbow trout aquaculture, there are painstaking research and development hours behind each one. 


I’m most interested in what you, the readers, think about this issue’s installment of the Hatchery Hack column with Nicole Kirchhoff. She explains some fundamental thought processes behind building a breeding program in-house or through a third-party supplier. There are, of course, benefits and disadvantages to both, depending on each farm’s own resources and capabilities. 

I am in no position to recommend what method works best for you, but I do understand the importance of prioritizing your time and resources. Not many farms can  be all things to all markets. And so, the questions become: Is traceability and control over the growth cycle an important part of your operation? Or is it best suited to concentrate your efforts on mastering the daily operation? 

Genetics and breeding are very specialized work that requires a lot of attention and care. And we’ll continue to do our best to share knowledge that can help your work. 

In fact, I’d like to invite you to also register for our first Hatchery 101 webinar of the year. The Genetics & Broodstock webinar (Feb. 14) is free and recordings will also be available at www.hatcheryinternational.com/webinars. 

We hope to continue providing you with relevant content that futhers your work in hatcheries. Let’s keep in touch at jkodin@annexbusinessmedia.com.  

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