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From the Editor: Industry resolutions

December 29, 2023  By Jean Ko Din

Indonesia and the Philippines governments are stepping in to do their share to boost its blue economies. (Photo: Alexpunker/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

In a way, we all know what’s ahead for us in the new year in the global hatchery industry. They are the same political, economical and environmental challenges that we’ve been facing in the past few years. 

Still, this does not mean that we have to be complacent in taking stock of our new year resolutions for the industry. 

On this, our first issue of 2024, we reflect on where the industry has been and where we hope to go in the new year. 

As our cover story outlines, there is still much more work to be done. Climate change isn’t going away, nor is the rising demand for global food security. Economic imbalances are still creating challenges for stabilizing inflation around the world. 


However, the industry outlook story also outlines progress. As you go through each of our regional coverages, dear reader, I’d also like to point out the industry’s potential to unite and collaborate on these shared challenges. If there is a way for these problems to reach out to us across borders, so can the solutions that many experts around the world are pursuing. 

Perhaps, Hatchery International is uniquely positioned to democratize this information and make progress available to all. Whether you are a shrimp hatchery in Vietnam, or a trout farm in Turkey, or a tilapia research centre in East Africa, or a salmon enhancement hatchery on the west coast of North America, there are lessons to be learned from each other. 

My hope for the new year is that you can come to rely on this publication to make this exchange of information easier. I want our digital projects, like the Hatchery 101 webinar series and the Top 10 Under 40 program, to become online meeting places for hatchery professionals to acknowledge the quiet work that is constantly driving change in the community. 

This year, we will also be celebrating this publication’s 25th year anniversary. As we reflect on how we have evolved editorially, we also rely on you, dear reader, to keep us accountable and to ensure that our work continues to serve your work in the hatcheries. 

If this work isn’t for you, who else is it for? I encourage you to share with us at jkodin@annexbusinessmedia.com. 

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