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From the Editor: Most wonderful time

November 9, 2023  By Jean Ko Din

I always enjoy putting together our November/December issue because it is that time of year when we are able to celebrate our Top 10 Under 40 program.

I’m so proud to be able to share new faces from the industry who would not otherwise be celebrated for the work that they do quietly in their own companies and in their own communities. 

When farmers and culturists are so immersed in their own production work, it is important that we can provide you with a snapshot of the different types of work going on around the world. It is important to me that we represent different regions, different disciplines, different species, etc. 

Diversity and representation don’t just end with someone’s gender or nationality. My personal mission of seeking out new communities is an intentional effort to create a big picture that illustrates the countless possibilities and opportunities that are available to young professionals in this industry.


At the very least, I hope that the stories of these Top 10 remind you of your own passion for the work and why you entered the field in the first place. At the most, I hope these stories inspire the industry to continue to be more community-minded initiatives, looking outside of your day-to-day production to share knowledge that could create meaningful change in the larger network or even in the natural environment in which many of you work.

The global hatchery industry is widespread but it is a small niche within the larger fisheries and aquaculture sector. I believe it is the duty of publications, like Hatchery International, to serve as a connection hub and I hope that in 2023, we were able to serve that purpose for you. 

As we look ahead into the New Year, I want to incorporate more ideas about technical innovation, as well as bring you the most current issues around the world. I want to focus on providing more practical knowledge that can be truly useful to your daily operations. 

In that spirit, I welcome you to engage with me and share your thoughts on topics that we should we covering in our pages. I’d love to hear your ideas at jkodin@annexbusinessmedia.com.  

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