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From the Editor: Building blocks

April 4, 2023  By Jean Ko Din

John Gibbons, hatchery manager, distributes fertilized eggs in incubation trays.

Research innovations and developments are happening all the time in the world of hatcheries. This issue is clear evidence of that. In these next pages, we explore new stories about genetics and broodstock, which are the building blocks of any hatchery production.

It seems many countries now understand that investing in its fisheries and aquaculture are of great national interest. Canada can be a great example for this, as the cover story takes a closer look at what the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) plans to do with its “once-in-generation” investment. In the country’s west coast, hatcheries are being given a renewed mission to fight against the dwindling stocks of native salmon species in its rivers and waterways. 

However, I can’t help but think that celebrating the DFO’s investment is a bit bittersweet. While federal hatcheries are given a confidence boost, this same agency is driving the closure of its aquaculture industry in the Discovery Islands, B.C. Our sister publication, Aquaculture North America, has followed these events closely.

Other countries, like Uganda and New Zealand, have a different perspective to its aquaculture industry. Both countries are looking to improve genetic research that could boost production and its local food markets. 


We, at Hatchery International, know that these are only some of the countless stories of hatcheries looking to improve and modernize. These operations are an integral part to a nations’ food security, as well as its preservation of natural waterways. Because of this, I’m happy to be bringing back our Top 10 Under 40 program for 2023. 

Once again, we’re looking for young hatchery professionals that represent a bright future for the industry. We want to spotlight people who are bringing new ideas to drive progress. 

Nominations for Top 10 Under 40 will open on May 1 and will be open until Aug. 1. 

Keep a close eye on our email newsletters as we get ready to announce this year’s campaign. You can find all the information you need on our website. As always, my inbox is open: jkodin@annexbusinessmedia.com.  

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