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Breakthrough in mahi mahi farming

Researchers at the University of Miami’s aquaculture program and hatchery have succeeded in spawning and raising large amounts of juvenile mahi mahi but they say raising them to commercial size remains a challenge.

January 29, 2018
By Liza Mayer
University of Miami researchers report success in growing the species by the ‘tens of thousands’ but a hurdle remains

“We have reached the technological level of easily producing mahi mahi within the span of three months. However, the next phase, which would be considered the commercial phase, is not quite there yet,” Daniel Benetti, professor and director of Aquaculture at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, told Miami Today.

For now, the researchers are focused on growing mahi-mahi at smaller sizes because “the larger the fish grows, the higher the mortality rates.”

“We have found a lot of success in growing the fish to canning and plate sizes instead of growing them to full size, which ranges between 6 to 8 pounds,” said Benetti.

New York-based company Aqquua LLC is helping bring UM’s technology to commercialization, he added.


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3 Comments » for Breakthrough in mahi mahi farming
  1. leslie chislett says:

    At the breakfast table up here in Ontario Canada we discussed Dolphin farming and had not realized the number of issues.
    Because I have see so many negative things about farmed fish up to the use of a Monsanto insecticide as a preservative in hatchery food. I now warn anyone that will listen about the evils of aquaculture. This is leaving out the whole discussion of the poisoning of migrating native fish stocks and the environment they pass through containing the chemicals used to keep farmed fish healthy and alive.

  2. Tom says:

    Duplicate the process and release them into the wild. Repopulate the ocean. Not farm it.

  3. David Fryauff says:

    This week,August 2020 I have seen Ecuadorean mahi mahi labelled farm-raised in our local Maryland. Montgomery Co. Supermarket. Is this true or mislabeled/misleading

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