Hatchery International

Virtual Event
World Trout Culture Summit
October 18, 2023 at 11:00am EST

Panel: Genetics & broodstock

Moderator: Jean Ko Din, editor of Hatchery International & RAStech


  • Sean Nepper, chief brood officer & VP of fish health at Riverence Trout Farms
  • Maureen Ritter, managing director of Canada Cryogenetics Services
  • Dr. Marie Smedley, senior breeding program manager at Xelect Genetics
  • Arlen Taylor, owner of Cedar Crest Trout Farms

Starting from the building blocks of genetic research, this panel will address current priorities in building a strong breeding program for both trout enhancement and farming. Though these sectors can have different breeding objectives, experts will share different methods and technical best practices that could help accomplish your genetic goals.

Jean Ko Din
Editor of Hatchery International & RAStech Magazine

Jean Ko Din manages and curates the print and digital media content for Hatchery International and RAStech Magazine. She also assists in the production of Aquaculture North America. Jean produces a wide range of special projects for these aquaculture industry publications, including HI’s Top 10 Under 40 program, the Hatchery 101 webinar series and the RASTECH Conference and Trade Fair. She is also co-host and producer of the RAS Talk podcast for recirculating aquaculture professionals.

Sean Nepper
Chief Brood Officer & Vice-president of Fish Health, Riverence

Sean Nepper has been in the aquaculture company for 30 years, mostly in salmonid reproduction. He is an active member of a number of aquaculture industry associations and committees. He really enjoys engaging in furthering research and development efforts in the aquaculture space.

Maureen Ritter
Managing Director, Canada Cryogenetics Services

Maureen Ritter started her career in the early 80s working with salmon on the Chemainus River SEP project as well as raising smolts for aquaculture companies. Most of her experience has been with freshwater hatcheries and broodstock with a few work experiences at lake pen and sea pen operations. For the past 12 years, Maureen been with Canada Cryogenetics Services (CCS). CCS specializes in cryopreservation and storage of fish sperm as well as training in fertilizations and various hatchery protocols.

Contact information:

+1-250 203-0333

Dr. Marie Smedley
Sr. Breeding Programme Manager, Xelect Genetics

Marie has a PhD in Atlantic salmon biology from the Institute of Aquaculture at the University of Stirling’s Reproduction and Genetics Group. Marie has commercial experience working with producers such as MOWI and Biomar and has a broad range of computer analytical and fish husbandry skills. At Xelect, Marie ensures that our breeding management customers around the world are met with professional support and advice through close liaison.

Arlen Taylor
Owner, Cedar Crest Trout Farms

Arlen Taylor is a second-generation fish farmer at Springhills Fish, also known as Cedar Crest Trout Farms. She and her brother RJ raise trout, salmon and char at several land-based farms and a net-pen farm in partnership with Sheshegwaning First Nation. Arlen runs the largest rainbow trout breeding program in Canada, and is the largest supplier of juvenile trout to the Ontario market. They also have a processing facility and a unique home delivery that brings fish to over 1,500 homes every month. Arlen is a strong advocate for trout production with a board seat on the Ontario Aquaculture Association.

On-Demand: Ontario Aquaculture Overview, presented by RJ Taylor