New App from YSI

Quentin Dodd
May 22, 2017
By Quentin Dodd

YSI offers an App for monitoring water quality in a variety of aquaculture applications.  The AquaViewer II displays real time sensor and auxiliary data acquired from YSI continuous monitoring and control instruments (5200A, 5400 and 5500D).

“The App makes it easy for aquaculture and aquatic life support system operators to monitor the water quality of their facilities,” notes a press release from YSI,” even when they are away from the facility.”  Data is logged every 10 seconds, “giving the operator precise, real time data, and also allowing them to view historical data.”

YSI notes that the App can send alarms via email and/or text if necessary.  A cloud-based system stores data and a user can easily view the status of a facility’s tanks using color-coded icons.

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