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Timorex EC is a botanical-based solution for the treatment and prevention of bacteria, parasites and fungal diseases in shrimp. Suitable for all growing environments, including land-based ponds and raceway systems, this ready-to-use formulation can be applied in hatcheries and as a pre-mix for feed in subsequent growing stages.

May 31, 2019  By Hatchery International Staff

Timorex EC is a botanical-based solution

Some benefits of the product include: unique mode of action; acts synergistically with organic acids; increases survival rate of shrimp throughout all growth stages; contains non-toxic, eco-friendly ingredients that are safe for shrimp, fish and other marine life; and bio-filter friendly.

Timorex EC is produced by STK Bio-ag Technologies (formerly Stockton), based in Israel. Through its STK Aqua division, the company develops and commercializes “botanical-based, food protection solutions that solve the myriad challenges of modern fish farming.” Product offerings in the aquaculture space include solutions for vaccination, transportation and stress reduction by preventing the occurrence of parasites and bacterial diseases, the company said.

“This industry is looking for healthier products all the time,” said Yaki Keinan, business unit manager at STK Aqua. STK products are generated from plant extracts, he added. “It is not dealing with a lot of toxicity so it’s much safer for users, for the animals and for the environment.” www.stk-ag.com


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