Ori-One by Skretting simplifies rotifer production

Quentin Dodd
February 20, 2014
By Quentin Dodd

Recently Skretting, the #1 hatchery diet provider and innovator, launched a new concept in rotifer production that aims to revamp live feed and streamline production. Over the years there has been a tendency to over-complicate the processes within larval rearing. Additional “solutions” have been proposed under the guise of trying to increase output but more often these have only served to reduce hatchery efficiency, increase complexity, risk and cost.

ORI-ONE has been developed to simplify the rotifer production process by true bio-mimicry. After all, you don’t find “bio encapsulation enrichment” in Nature. First, ORI-ONE offers the possibility to produce rotifers in a fast, stable and consistent manner. By utilizing a slow uptake during the culture period, rotifers remain in optimal health and can be enhanced with additional essential components that cannot be incorporated when utilizing traditional enrichment methods. By removing the enrichment step, rotifers are handled less, reducing damage, stress and losses to the rotifers while also reducing total energy costs, workload and simplifying the procedure. Rotifers can be taken at any stage during the culture process and fed to the larvae without the need for enrichment. As ORI-ONE is based on a holistic tissue enrichment concept, enrichment stability is very high with no nutrient loss when the rotifers are added to the larval tank system.

For more information, please visit www.skretting.com/spectrum

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