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Insta-Pro feed extruder ideal for small to medium-sized producers

Insta-Pro International recently launched the new MS3000 Medium Shear Extruder for fish feeds and shaped products.

February 20, 2014  By Ruby Gonzalez

New medium shear extruder from Insta-Pro The new Insta-Pro MS3000 Medium Shear Extruder is designed for durability

Quality fish feeds can only be produced using durable equipment from a company with decades of experience stemming from an intimate knowledge of their machines.  Insta-Pro International, based in suburban Des Moines, Iowa, has all of these things, but also, a desire to provide solutions to their customers. 

As a result, Insta-Pro International unveiled its new MS3000 Medium Shear Extruder recently, targeting small to medium producers of fish feed.

Building upon past success with high shear extruders, the new MS3000 Medium Shear Extruder is designed for durability, product flexibility, ease of operation, enhanced output, and with the quality of the final product in mind.

For example, starch gelatinization is a common measure of fish feed pellet quality and durability in water.  Highly-gelatinized starch is critical to produce floating fish feed.  As part of MS3000 Medium Shear Extruder development, fish feeds (2.5, 3.5, and 4.5 mm) were produced on the MS3000 and found to be well gelatinized (>90%).


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