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New software tool helps tilapia producers optimize feed formulation

Evonik, one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals, has launched a new software tool that gives amino acid recommendations for optimizing tilapia feed. AminoTilapia was built following a factorial modelling approach and allows users to optimize amino acid regulations for different growth stages of tilapia, by simulating different production scenarios.

June 7, 2018  By Bonnie Waycott

“The tilapia industry’s sustainable and profitable growth is often challenged by soaring feed costs, which are largely dictated by dietary protein levels and their sources,” said Dr. Karthik Masagounder, Research Manager, Evonik Nutrition and Care GmbH. “We need to understand the amino acid requirements of tilapia more precisely, to improve production performances of tilapia and use alternative protein sources more effectively. But available data on this is variable and mostly limited to the juvenile stage. AminoTilapia will offer practical amino acid recommendations that are specific to the life stage and farming conditions of tilapia.”

Based on user input parameters such as fish growth, feeding practice, farming intensity and presence of natural food, AminoTilapia computes amino acid recommendations. The user can adjust the parameters and obtain recommendations for the target final body weight and FCR.

“We want to enable tilapia feed producers to formulate diets following the ideal protein concept,” said Masagounder. “They’ll be able to minimize safety margins and feed costs while maximizing production performance and profitability. The tool will also protect the environment by minimizing nitrogen excretion, leaving a positive impact on sustainable growth.”


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