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New drumfilters from WMT

After 23 years serving as Hydrotech’s North American aquaculture distributor, WMT of Baton Rouge, Louisiana is now offering a new line of microscreen drum and disc filters branded under the WMT name.

April 28, 2017  By Quentin Dodd

New drumfilter utilizes a mechanical

The new filters were designed and developed by a pioneer in the development of modern drum filters, Nils-Åke Persson, founder of Hydrotech, who eventually sold the company to an American firm in 2002.  

In 2013 Nils and partners re-entered the microscreen market as NP Innovation, introducing several key innovations which WMT says will lower the capital cost of drum and disc filters and also lower the cost of ownership. Nils is private-labeling his filters in North America (USA & Canada) and Mexico under the WMT Brand.

The new WMT Drumfilter is built on the proven benefits of the microscreen drumfilter now used extensively in various aquaculture and wastewater applications around the world.

It utilizes a mechanical, self-cleaning microscreen filter designed for high performance in water-treatment systems where it’s essential to minimize particle break-up.


According to WMT, “it’s ideal for use in aquaculture applications as well as industrial and municipal water and waste-water treatment. The filter design ensures careful handling of solids, essential to achieve the high filtration efficiency required in many applications.”

Some features include:

  • Improved structural integrity
  • Increased submergence (Up to 65%)
  • Non-metallic chain drive
  • Two styles of filter elements (PG or MR)
  • No lubrication required, and
  • Moving spray bar

For more information go to: www.w-m-t.com

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