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Mixed-cell system combines tank and raceway attributes

Aquacare of Bellingham, Washington is marketing what it bills as a "new, energy-efficient recirculating aquaculture system."

May 25, 2018  By Liza Mayer

According to Aquacare, “the mixed-cell raceway, or MXcell® is a design that combines the best characteristics of circular tanks and linear raceways in a single production system.”

The concept, notes the company, converts traditional linear raceways into a series of hydraulically separated cells, each of which behaves as an individual self-cleaning circular tank.

“By doing so the solids are removed quickly, the aquatic environment is consistent within the raceway which in turn improves water quality and fish growth.”

“Being a raceway,” adds Aquacare, “the pumping head is kept low, making the entire system very energy efficient.”


MXcell’s can be used in fresh as well as saltwater and in all temperature regimes.

JLH Consulting and Aquacare have installed these RAS MXcell fish farm systems in Maine and China with several more in the planning stage.

For more information go to: www.aquacare.com

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