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Maine welcomes Atlantic salmon broodstock company

March 7, 2024  By Hatchery International staff

A new commercial Atlantic Salmon broodstock venture, SalmoGen has been launched in Maine. (Photo: SalmoGen)

A new commercial Atlantic salmon broodstock venture named, SalmoGen, has been inaugurated in Maine to address the gap in the U.S. market for a producer-independent supply of Atlantic salmon eggs.

According to a report from Salmon Business, the company wants to target both domestic and international markets, producing 25 million eggs annually in its first development phase.

The initiative is backed by a coalition including Walton-backed Cuna Del Mar, Builders Vision, The Penobscot Indian Nation, and Xcelerate Aqua.

“We have been contemplating an Atlantic salmon broodstock opportunity for years, and in the SalmoGen case, the pieces came together in a way that moved us to invest and to also be a committed industry partner,” said Chris Perry, Cuna Del Mar and SalmoGen board chairman.


The company has had broodstock under development since early 2023 in two partner locations. The facility is being developed on Penobscot Trust Land in Maine in a partnership with the Penobscot Indian Nation. The location is close to the University of Maine.

“The Penobscot Indian Nation has been interested in aquaculture for some time. This project fits very nicely on Indian Island and we are excited to be a part of the solution for future aquaculture development in the US. We are also excited to expand our commitment to bringing back wild salmon to the Penobscot River,” said Kirk Francis, Penobscot Indian Nation Chief.

Salmogen started its Atlantic Salmon broodstock program in 2022 with USDA as a strategic supplier of genetics and stocking material. The company was formed in late 2022 through a collaboration of industry players, investors, and academic resources, and is financially supported by the Finance Authority of Maine (FAME).

According to information from the company’s website, “Our broodstock farm in Maine is placed on land has been developed to not have any impacts on its surrounding environment or ecosystems. High bio-security levels, fish welfare, advanced discharge treatment technology are cornerstones in the company’s commitment to ecosystem protection.”

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