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Infrastructure upgrade first in new manager’s to-do list

Enhancing the infrastructure of the Orangeburg National Fish Hatchery is the priority of the facility’s new manager, Kurt Eversman.

February 1, 2018  By Liza Mayer

Kurt Eversman

The hatchery produces striped bass, red breast sunfish and bluegill sunfish for stocking lakes and stream throughout the Southeastern US.

“I’m enhancing the station’s infrastructure to prepare it to meet the needs of the public going forward, or in the next five years. Right now I’m really kind of bringing my team together and we’re doing a lot of projects in-house,” Eversman told The Times and Democrat.

The renovation of the ponds at the substation in the town of Cordova in Orangeburg County is the top priority, he said.Then we’ve got some projects going on with essentially each of the buildings. We’re making improvements,” he added.

The US Fish & Wildlife Service-operated hatchery occupies approximately 250 acres. Aside from producing a number of species for restocking state waters, it also produces short nose sturgeon for research and development.


“I’m really excited to be a part of the station. It’s got a huge amount of potential,” Eversman said.

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