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End in sight for water woes at Wisconsin hatchery

November 12, 2014  By Quentin Dodd

Water problems for a Milwaukee County fish hatchery, which stocks out 40,000 pounds of fish to park ponds in the area, may be over.

         Problems started last October when the high-capacity well that provides water to the hatchery failed and couldn’t be repaired.

         Sherrie Tussler, the non-profit’s executive director, said that digging a new well to service both the hatchery and a nearby House of Correction would cost more than $200,000. A cost beyond what either the hatchery or the prison could afford.

         Buying water from the city of Franklin and installing a recirculating system, was considered, but these were also beyond the budget.

         The good news that Guy Smith, the chief of operations for Milwaukee County Parks Smith, reported to the County’s Parks, Energy and Environment Committee, is that the insurance claim filed is expected to cover the cost of a new well – $200,000.

         The new well is expected to provide the approximate 250 gallons a minute needed by the hatchery. Until it’s completed, moving the fish to outdoor holding ponds has enabled the hatchery to continue to operate.

         Smith is cited as reporting that the fish in the outdoor managed to survive the summer with the aid of minimal water flows from the well.

Quentin Dodd

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