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Double sensing smart optical sensor

SentrOXY WQM, is a smart optical sensor from Sentronic. There are two available sensor options – WQM C30 and WQM C31 – both innovative devices that accurately measure the level of dissolved oxygen in water, even in the harshest environment, the company said.

May 15, 2019  By Hatchery International Staff


Designed to deliver reliable insight every time, SentrOXY WQM sensors offer a flexible solution to a number of water quality management challenges. The product uses the latest technology incorporating two sensors – each with its own dedicated channel. “This means our sensors can measure oxygen levels at two points simultaneously,” the company said. This dual measurement capability enables real-time referencing of the results, which can significantly improve the accuracy of the reading.

The sensor solutions use the principle of fluorescence quenching to determine the precise amount of oxygen in a given body of water, Sentronic explained.

“The sensors can be connected directly to a process control system by using the 4(0)-20mA analog outputs inclusive off the watchdog function and five configurable alarms in 1mA steps or the digital RS485 interface with Modbus RTU or Sentronic protocol. An additional transmitter is not necessary,” the company said.

The precise sensor optic allows building up two separate optical oxygen measurement channels which measure in independent areas of the same measuring cap. This innovative and patented principle allows real-time referencing. This makes measurement much more secure and informs operators about mechanical defects of the membrane or measurement effects caused by air bubbles. Due to the robust and inert design the probe withstands harsh conditions and will not corrode in high salinity environments, the company said.


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