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Troutlodge take next steps in BCWD resistance research

September 10, 2021  By Hatchery International Staff

Troutlodge and the United States of Agriculture (USDA) are getting ready to expand its bacterial cold water disease (BCWD) resistance efforts to more spawning groups. 

Troutlodge and the USDA have been working together since 2013 to improve resistance to Flavobacterium phychrophilum in the trout industry. Flavobacterium phychrophilum is a causative agent of bacterial cold water disease (BCWD) and Rainbow Trout Fry Syndrome (RTFS). 

Most of its early research has been conduvted on the Troutlodge May spawning group and with improvements reported in controlled laboratoray challegens and with clients in the field, the research team is looking to expand in hopes of producing eggs with improved resistance being available year round. 

The May strain has been under selection since 2015, which means that the current generation has experience three generation selections. 


“With renewed efforts and investment in the collaboration between Troutlodge and the USDA, we hope to shorten the time needed for genetic improvements in additional spawning groups,” senior geneticist, Kyle Martin, said in a company statement. 


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