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Top 10 Under 40: Lucas Fredrickson

November 23, 2023  By Seyitan Moritiwon

Aquaculture research manager Lucas Fredrickson (Photo: Lucas Fredrickson)

Not everyone can boast of going to work every day with excitement and a desire to learn but aquaculture research manager Lucas Fredrickson, 37, can.

On a tour of a tilapia farm, while studying at the University of Minnesota, many of Fredrickson’s classmates found it dark, smelly, and unappealing but his eyes were opened to the wonders of fish farming that he never knew existed. “I remember knowing this was what I wanted for my life,” he said.

He’s gone ahead to gain experience with different types of systems including flow-through, pond, and RAS. He said operating a RAS facility requires attention to detail and fortunately, his team is great at communicating.

“I need to make sure everyone is consistently on the same page and all details are communicated every day. Every day is different when you are dealing with live animals. I feel like they are my ‘babies’.”


(Photo: Lucas Fredrickson)

Fredrickson’s team at Houdek/Prairie AquaTech who nominated him said he oversaw crucial feed trials that led to the full-scale production of the plant-based protein ingredient developed specifically for aquaculture, ME-PRO®

“Houdek/Prairie AquaTech has received a significant amount of industry recognition including Global Aquaculture Alliance’s innovation award, AquaFeed’s innovation award, and the South Dakota Trade’s business exporter of the year award. In each case, and in every success of ME-PRO (used around the world today), Luke’s leadership persists.”

Fredrickson has worked on over 100 trials that include 10 different species of fish. “I wish I could say I have a favourite, but I can’t. I am proud that I can come to work every day with a desire to learn with the same excitement that I had when I first got introduced to aquaculture,” he said.

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