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Shellfish Diet®’s New and Improved Formula

Shellfish Diet is a concentrated, liquid feed that is a unique mix of four algae: Isochrysis sp, Pavlova sp, Tetraselmis sp, and now Thalossiosira pseudonana.* It provides optimal nutrition for bivalves and other filter feeders, from first-feeding larvae through broodstock.

August 11, 2014  By Erich Luening

Smaller Cell Sizes and More DHA Provides Optimal Nutrition for First Feeding Larvae
  • Diatoms now available for first feeding larvae ─ small-sized Thalossiosira pseudonana.
  • With more DHA  ─ provides a healthy balance of omegas, lipids and proteins.

An Instant Algae® Product – “Algae When You Need It”

Instant Algae has the same nutritional value as live algae. The whole cell of the microalgae, which encapsulates all nutrients, is preserved through a proprietary, bio-secure process, pioneered by Reed Mariculture, leaders in the development of advanced hatchery feeds.

  • Intact cell structure means a cleaner tank, less waste, and greater value.
  • Over 500 hatcheries, ornamental growers, universities and research organizations in 80 countries rely on Instant Algae products for hatchery success.

* Original formula, with Thalossiosira weisflogii, available upon request.

Shellfish Diet ensures the best growth rates and survival. For more information or to order, call: 1-877-732-3276 or visit: www.reed-mariculture.com.


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