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New oxygen generating system in compact package

Scalable oxygen-generating systems manufacturer for glass blowers in North America High Volume Oxygen (HVO) has announced the production of a new, small-scale system dubbed the “HVO 2-Go.” The company previously only sold models that included a storage tank. The small form factor of the new “2-Go” produces 10 to 60 LPM and enables it to be delivered anywhere in the continental USA for a shipping cost of about $100.

April 16, 2019  By Hatchery International Staff

Scalable oxygen-generating systems manufacturer

“We are thrilled to have a new low-cost system that opens up the market for small-to-medium-sized applications,” says owner and president of HVO, Marc Kornbluh. “Because of its low price tag and low shipping cost, the 2-Go is ideal for many aquaculture, hydroponics, glass, and veterinary applications that wouldn’t be financially feasible with other solutions.”

The HVO 2-Go starts at $2,900. An oxygen-rated storage tank and one or more oxygen concentrators are not included but are available from HVO.

Touting custom-designed circuit boards that are available with an onboard ultrasonic oxygen sensor, HVO systems are available with the Seeing Eye “Internet of Things” (IoT) service, which stores operational metrics in the cloud, allows real-time graphs to be viewed, and sends notifications via email and SMS.


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