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Kvarøy names CEO of new smolt division

August 20, 2020  By Hatchery International staff

Kvarøy Arctic has announced the new head of its newly-formed smolt business.

Pia Moeller has been named the chief executive of Kvarøy Smolt AS. Prior to joining Kvarøy Smolt, Moeller served as chief finance officer of Coop Helgeland SA and served as a board member for multiple retail companies. She holds an MBA from Nord University.

“I love a good challenge,” said Moeller in a statement. “We have a competent team here, which is essential as I look for ways the company can optimize its processes, continue to practice best-in-class health and safety methods, and maintain a work environment that is equitable for all and inspiring to be part of.”

Earlier this year, Kvarøy Arctic’s parent company, Kvarøy Fiskeoppdrett AS acquired its primary supplier of smolt, Ranfjord Fiskeprodukter. Now renamed as Kvarøy Smolt, it becomes the company’s new supplier of Atlantic salmon smolt among other aquaculture companies in Norway. Located in Mo i Rana, Norway, it produces about 5.5 million smolt per year with about a quarter going directly to Kvarøy Arctic.


In addition to buying smolt from Kvarøy Smolt, Kvarøy Arctic will continue to secure a supply of smolt from Gryttåga Settefisk.

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