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After three years hatchery thirst could be quenched

June 19, 2015  By Quentin Dodd

For over three years staff at the Dundee Fish hatchery near Wichita Falls, Texas have been waiting for it to rain. Recent precipitation has brought the level of Lake Kemp (the water source for the hatchery) to 1,132 ft. but that’s only 46% of its capacity. The hatchery can only take water from the lake when it is over 1,125 ft. So it’s soon yet to celebrate. Dundee is one of largest hatcheries in the state and is a primary producer of striped bass and hybrid striped bass.

          West Texas regional director for inland fisheries, Brian Vanzee, told HI that stocking from other facilities hasn’t been able to make up for the shortfall. Hopefully the rain gods will remember they’re needed in this part of Texas, and the showers will continue. 

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