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Managing water quality in land-based aquaculture

Webinar On February 11, 2021

January 12, 2021

Water is an integral part of any aquaculture production. It’s all about achieving optimal water quality in this webinar, featuring technical experts from Virginia Tech and Oxyguard, discussing the ins and outs of water quality management in both flow-through as well as recirculating aquaculture system. Plus, a focus on the effects of ozone on water quality in RAS environments.

This webinar had ended. Click here to view the recording.


David Kuhn, PhD
David Kuhn, PhD, is an associate professor and extension specialist in the Department of Food Science and Technology at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. He has earned B.S. degrees in Mathematics and Civil Engineering and a M.S. and a doctorate degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. He maintains an aquatic laboratory on the main campus at Virginia Tech. In addition to conducting research projects in the laboratory (topics such as aquacultural engineering, biotechnology applications, alternative nutrition, animal health, and food quality) he has also served as a principal investigator on sponsored projects at nine privately owned aquaculture facilities that culture finfish, shrimp, oysters or clams. Conducting research in these public-private partnerships brings a unique and practical aspect back to his research and outreach programs.

Aikaterini Spiliotopoulou, PhD
Aikaterini Spiliotopoulou has a PhD in Environmental Engineering. She has a strong scientific background in environmental technologies and analytical chemistry based on multidisciplinary academic studies with special interest in water purification (swimming pool, aquaculture and wastewater) with UV photolysis and ozonation treatment.

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