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Water treatment tech cuts down nitrites in RAS

January 14, 2022  By Nestor Arellano

Artist's conception NaturalShrimp La Coste facility. Photo: NaturalShrimp

The technical team at NaturalShrimp Inc., reported that the company’s patented electrocoagulation (EC) water treatment technology is able to reduce nitrites in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) without the use of biofilters.

Such a technology can cut instances of nitrite buildup in biofilters, which can be bad for fish health.

NaturalShrimp, which developed a RAS for shrimp production, believes the development of EC technology for improving water quality could be another revenue stream for the company.

“This discovery makes our Vibrio Suppression Technology, which utilizes EC as part of the filtration loop, even more useful for any RAS suffering from a buildup of ammonia and nitrites,” said Thomas Untermeyer, chief technology office and chief operating officer of NaturalShrimp. “Our portfolio of technologies is quickly proving its ability to allow complete environmental control for aquaculture production.”

Filtration systems in RAS need to continually remove ammonia to treat water and hold production tonnage stock.

Traditional systems employ biofilters with growing bacteria in plastic media to convert the ammonia first to nitrite and then to nitrate which is less toxic to the RAS ecosystem.

Electrocoagulation involves the passing of electrical current through the water deposits. The process has been credited for cutting contaminated water volume by almost 98 per cent.

In the last three years, NaturalShrimp has been expanding its presence in the water treatment space. In July last year, the company filed for a patent for its electrocoagulation technology.

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