Hatchery International

Virtual Event
World Trout Culture Summit
October 18, 2023 at 11:00am EST

Panel: RAS technology

Moderator: David Kuhn, associate professor at Virginia Tech


  • Craig Copeland, fish culture manager at the Alberta Ministry of Environment & Parks
  • John Holder, co-founder & director of technology at Gold River Aquafarms
  • Thorsten N. Vammen, general manager of FREA Solutions

This panel will explore the benefits and challenges of recirculating systems, from restocking rainbow and brown trout flow through hatcheries considering a move to RAS, to commercial farms growing trending species like Steelhead from egg to plate. What is this technology's future role and potential for trout in both enhancement fisheries and in aquaculture?

David Kuhn
Associate Professor of Food Science & Technology at Virginia Tech
Co-organizer of RASTECH Conference & Trade Fair (June 5-6 in Charlotte, NC)

David Kuhn has more than 20 years of experience in civil engineering and environmental technology. He is currently the associate professor and extension specialist of food science and technology at Virginia Tech. Kuhn has published more than 100 journal articles on seafood quality, aquaculture research, and outreach programs.

Craig Copeland
Fish Culture Manager at the Alberta Ministry of Environment & Parks

Craig Copeland is manager of Fish Stocking Operations Environment and Protected Areas for the Alberta Ministry. He has been involved with the hatchery program in Alberta for almost 40 years and managing the provincial program for the past two decades. The Government of Alberta owns four fish hatcheries stocking trout and walleye throughout Alberta for recreational purposes.

Presentation Alberta Fish Stocking Operations.pptx


John Holder
Co-founder & Director of Technology at Gold River Aquafarms

John Holder started his aquaculture career in 1973 and has extensive experience with designing land-based fresh, brackish and saltwater RAS systems for numerous species since starting JLH Consulting in 1999. He has worked and consulted for aquaculture companies and individuals on six continents and some consider him an expert in the RAS field.

World Trout Summit Oct 18 2023


Thorsten N. Vammen
General Manager of FREA Solutions

Thorsten N. Vammen is general manger of FREA and FREA Solutions. He has more than 25 years of experience in supplying large capital projects globally for food production and processing, and latest years building and supplying RAS projects for rainbow trout.

Video: the production of rainbow trout at FREA Solutions