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US trout egg producer orders Whooshh systems

December 3, 2015  By Quentin Dodd

Troutlodge, Inc., the world’s leading producer of trout eggs, has signed an agreement with Whooshh Innovations, LLC (Whooshh) for two Whooshh™ Fish Transport Systems for its broodstock operations, the companies have announced.

Under the terms of the agreement, Whooshh will deliver two 65-foot (22-meter) systems for the transport of live 3-6 pound Rainbow Trout broodstock. The first system will be delivered in 2016.

 Troutlodge (www.troutlodge.com), a privately held company and a partner of Hendrix Genetics, is the world’s leader in the production of live trout eggs and in trout genetics.  Hendrix Genetics is a world leader in Animal Breeding and Genetics, with a focus on poultry, turkeys, pigs and aquaculture.  

Founded in the Pacific Northwest in 1945, Troutlodge today operates freshwater hatchery facilities in the Pacific Northwest states of Washington and Idaho, as well as in Chile and on the Isle of Man in the British Isles.


Whooshh Innovations (www.whooshh.com), headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, has developed a patented water-sparing system that moves fish gently, efficiently, and cost-effectively using pressure differentials. The company has spent the past four years testing the system on live fish, working with government agencies, tribes, NGOs, and the private sector, repeatedly demonstrating that the Whooshh system produces less stress and injury to the fish than traditional methods of transport. The Whooshh system has also shown egg survival rates that are comparable to or better than traditional fish transport methods.

Troutlodge CEO Steve Brown said the company welcomes the opportunity to use the Whooshh system to move live fish with minimal stress on the broodstock or human intervention.

“We’re an early adopter,” he said. “We’ve been carefully watching the progress that Whooshh has made in terms of fish health and welfare. Because of this, we at Troutlodge are very committed to using this technology. We believe it will not only be better for the fish but also safer for our workers.”

Whooshh Innovations CEO Vince Bryan III applauded the decision by Troutlodge.  “We’re very pleased that Troutlodge has taken the time to understand the value of using the Whooshh system to further modernize their operations,” Bryan said.  “Troutlodge joins a growing number of industry leaders who have come to see that there is a better way to move fish by installing or adding Whooshh systems.” He added, “Whether for hatcheries, processing, aquaculture, fish rescue, or fish passage, Whooshh Innovations is quickly becoming the established leader in innovative fish transport.”

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