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Top 10 Under 40: Dao Van Chuong

October 15, 2021  By Jean Ko Din

Dao Van Chuong


Growing up in the coastal province of Ninh Thuam in Vietnam, Doa Van Chuong learned that the fisheries and hatchery industry was the heart of the region’s economy.

“This area is full of wind and sunlight with over 105 kilometres of coast line. The temperature is high and the precipitation is low whole-year ‘round. Fortunately, this condition is suitable for marine hatchery production,” Dao says, as translated from Vietnamese.

After graduating from the Faculty of Fisheries at Nha Trang University, he quickly realized he wanted to start his own production company. With the help of a former schoolmate, Dao launched Tom Giong Chau Phi Ltd., which produces fry for white-leg and tiger shrimp, clam, cobia, grouper and pompano. In 14 years, he has become chief operating officer for three of his company’s hatcheries at 38 years old.


Dao Van Chuong

Another former schoolmate, Dr. Dung Viet Le, is now a professor at the Department of Aquatic Environment and Diseases at the Vietnam National University of Agriculture. He says that Dao has taken great pride in producing quality, disease-free fry and achieving ISO standards for hatchery production.

He has applied probiotics and biofloc technology without the use of antibiotics, and it has earned the company trust from the region’s farmers.

“Starting his career as a poor, young man with little experience, Dao now becomes the boss of the company which requires both good technology and management to survive in the highly competitive world,” Dung describes. “Lots of his schoolmates have given up the fisheries profession, but the way he achieved his status is inspiring young students to follow this less attractive career.”

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