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Top 10 Under 40: Blanca Colibrí Rueda Maza

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October 12, 2023  By Seyitan Moritiwon

Blanca Colibiri Rueda Maza leads a personal fry production project at Innoacua. (Photo: Blanca Colibiri Rueda Maza)

Blanca Colibrí Rueda Maza, 34, had always been certain that a desk job with a monotonous routine wasn’t her calling. Fortunately, her path in aquaculture ensures she enjoys a dynamic work environment. But she didn’t land on that career path by choice — but by what some may call fate.

After finishing university in Mexico, she encountered her first boss and others who helped her understand that the industry was more than producing food. “It was providing jobs, it was bringing development and well-being to remote communities, it was offering high-quality protein to Mexican diets,” she said.

She began her professional career at Regal Springs Mexico in 2010 where she led their 100 per cent hatchery initiative, which succeeded in going from 3.5 million larvae per month by trapping to 5.5 million larvae by hatching while maintaining the same number of broodstock.

(Photo: Blanca Colibiri Rueda Maza)

As a biotechnologist engineer and hatchery professional with over 10 years of experience, Maza understands that every year will be different, and experience will teach you to handle those differences.


Maza currently leads a personal fry production project at Innoacua, something she’s very proud of. “I clearly remember the satisfaction and relief when connecting for the first time the pump that started with the recirculation system of the incubator, hearing how the water fell and passed through the filters, that’s when I knew that everything was becoming reality,” she said.

Agustin Carrera Patricio, Maza’s co-worker said she recognizes the importance of caring for the environment and natural resources, “Her approach is to optimize resources by applying measures that reduce environmental impact, measures such as the use of recirculation, water quality management through the use of biofloc and symbiotics,” said, Patricio who nominated her.

Maza, a dedicated mother of one, perseveres in her dedication, striving to create job opportunities for more families.

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